Plantcare; your moment of joy

Taking good care of your flowers will be rewarded! Strolling through your home, looking after your plants is your weekly moment of joy. Just check what your plant needs and give it a little splash of water. Not ice-water, just a pleasant temperature. During the winter your plants are less thirsty so you need to postopone your moment of joy with a week. Are you looking to spoil your plant every now an then? These are the ways to do it.



Phalaenopsis is the queen of flowers. She welcomes you with open arms in a light corridor. Our spoil tip: special orchid nutrition once a month gives her that little extra energy to shine.

Available: January to December


Begonia is the Grand Lady of the bunch, with so much gorgeous flowers! She deserves a light spot on the old tea cupboard. Our spoil tip: keep the soil slightly moist, this lady loves it.

Available: January to December


The fresh Campanula is a sea of flowers which can be enjoyed either in- or outdoors. Make sure to provide her with sufficient light and drainage. Our spoil tip: remove overblown flowers.

Available: January to October


Kalanchoë is a small and superstrong succulent with tiny little bright colored flowers. She likes to be the centre of attention so put her on the dining table for example. Our spoil tip: put her on the balcony or patio in summertime!

Available: Januari to December


So cute and sweet that potrose is. All this floral pride asks a little more energy from the plant; she deserves some extra water every now and then. Our spoil tip: extra nutrition makes her very happy!

Available: February to October


Cute, fresh and inviting. The stylish Chrysanthemum feel great in a slightly cooler area such as your landing. She can shine on a balcony or patio too but preferably not in the full sun. Our spoil tip: keep the soil moist by daily watering a little bit.

Available: July to March


Princettia is a princess that shines if you give her a light spot like the side table in the living. Our spoil tip: a plunge of tepid water every now and then.

Available: August to December


Sniff pure oxygen with a Spathiphylluym! This hunk isn’t just beautiful, he also add’s to a healthy climate in your home. Our spoil tip: keep it’s feet moist, the plant loves it.

Available: January to December


The Anthurium shines of happiness if you give it a light spot, like your countertop for example. Our spoil tip: the Anthurium goes wild on a monthly dose of plant nutrition.

Available: January to December


Everybody knows her: the Poinsettia or better said Christmas Star. Obviously related to the cute Princettia and not too miss in your home during the winter months. Our spoil tip: a plunge of tepid water every now and then.

Available: November to December


The flowers of the Cyclamen stand proud on their stems and spread a nice subtle smell. The bright coloured flowers make a nice contrast with the deep green and heart shaped leafs. Our spoil tip: keep the soil moist by putting the pot on a sauces and letting some water on that.

Available: August to February


The Gentiana is originally a rock plant. She sleeps at night but opens her flowers in the morning light. The deep blue flowers also shine on balcony or patio during the summer. Our spoil tip: this plant isn’t demanding if you just keep the soil moist.

Available: June to October

Garden Mum

The Garden Mumis a cool garden accessory. Play around with the trendy colours and flower-up your garden or patio instantly. Our spoil tip: take good care of the drainage in the spring and she’ll grow again in autumn!

Available: June to October