Flowers bring everybody joy! Dolc’Amore is a flowering brand ensuring you will enjoy flowers at home for a long time. You can change your home into a cosy homey place in a snap. Do you feel like an orange or pink natural touch today? Just walk to your store and pick your colourful Dolc’Amore. It’s a small gift for your home.


Styling is all about making choices. When love is your inspiration, there’s no escaping sweet talk, happy hearts and of course roses. A potted rose in this case, also known as your indoor romantic champion.

Porcelain, cotton, chalk, pearl, powder, down, paper, cream, whitewash, seashell, blossom, milk, antique, linen and old lace: a white wonder-monger like Begonia fits seamlessly in the ongoing white decorating trend and offers a friendly ambience.

Every space comes to live when something is blossoming in it. Why don’t you put this cosy little sea of flowers on your garden table or patio this time of year? The blue flowers have a fresh appearance and effortlessly become part of the whole setting. The soft colours and happy bells make a friendly ambience.

Blooming flowers of Dolc’Amore are a gift to yourself, your neighbour or a good friend. It’s the new, budget-friendly, way of flowering-up your home.  Dolc’Amore makes everything more beautiful and will bloom for weeks and weeks.


Dolc’Amore provides the happiness of blooming throughout the year. There’s a selection to flower up your  home, balcony or patio in every season and for all occasions. Go to the care page for tips and availability of Dolc’Amore.


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Dolc'Amore Hier staan ze ook al buiten!22.06.2019 01:24 pmLike
Dolc'Amore Het is weer tijd voor Gentiana!
Geniet een poosje door ze in huis of in de serre te zetten zet ze vooral ook buiten in de tuin.
De 's nachts gesloten bloemen zie je elke morgen openen wanneer de zon doorbreekt en de nieuwe dag aankondigt. Geniet vooral van dit prachtige kunstwerk in de natuur!
22.06.2019 12:27 pmLike
Dolc'Amore Het is bijna Moederdag! Verwen ze met een paar mooie potroosjes!02.05.2019 12:07 amLike
I have just purchased a plant. Labelled "Sapphire." Obviously that is not the Latin name which I want to look up plant care. Please anyone help?29.08.2017 05:42 pmLike


How to recognize a Dolc’Amore

A Dolc’Amore can easily be recognized through her fresh and appealing packaging, which already is a gift on it’s own. A complete Dolc’Amore display immediately stands out in a shop. Stroll through it on your own pace and let it tickle your creativity.