Have you got a question about your Dolc’Amore? We’ve summed up the frequently asked questions and their answers below. Is your question not in the list? Ask it through Facebook or, if you don’t have Facebook, through the form on this page.


Where can I buy my Dolc'Amore?

Dolc’Amoreis currently available in a growing number of specialist shops. To make buying a Dolc’Amore easier we’re building our web shop at this moment. In this you can enjoy combining all sorts of plants, flowers, home decoration and treat yourself or a friend. Can’t wait for that? Use the form to ask us where your nearest Dolc’Amore specialist is located.

How often do I water my plant and when?

How often depends on the type of plant. Go to the care page to see how to give your Dolc’Amore a treat. Watering in the morning is preferred because it’s normally cooler then (the soil and the water). Prevent creating a temperature-shock by watering cold water on aa summers afternoon: plants and flowers don’t like that.

What type of water makes my plant most happy?

Rain water is always best to give to house plants. It hardly contains any salts so make sure to add Dolc’Amore plant care regularly. Tapwater contains a lot of chalk and minerals causing the plant to be blocked. The best temperature is room temperature, this prevents causing a temperature shock.

The leafs of my plant are limp: what's going on?

It’s possible the leaves of your plant are limp (or turn yellow) while the soil seems wet enough. Probably you’re treating your Dolc’Amore al little too good or too irregular. The roots hardly get any oxygen due to all the water, causing them to stop drinking. They can even already be rotting at this stage. Check if there’s any water in the pot, throw this away and let the plant recover until the soil is drying out. Hopefully it’s not too late and if it is… you’ll have to buy a new Dolc’Amore.

Does the potting soil effect my plant?

Yes,the question always is: can the potting soil hold enough water but also enough oxygen at the same time? The soil must be able to hold water and also have capacity for plant food. On top of that a good drainage is important to avoid standing water and rotting roots from that. Good airy soil is very important for your Dolc’Amore. Many house plants spend too long in the same (dried out) soil.

How big can my plant grow?

This depends on how the plant grows in the wild. Normally Dolc’Amore plants will not grow much bigger then when you bought them. That said: if you really spoil your plant it might get to the stage where it benefits from a bigger pot. This allows them to grow better and bigger. You can prune the plant, make sure you do this in spring when there’s sufficient light for the plant to get through the pruning period with less leafs.

How do I prevent my plant from getting sick?

Plants are sensible to stress (too dry, too wet, too much sun or too dark) making them vulnerable to sickness and insects. Stick to the care tips where possible. Too dry increases the chance of ‘spint’ (small spiders) and greenfly. Too wet increases the chance of rotting roots. It can also just be that your plant has grown  for what it’s worth and dies out… than it’s time for a new one.

My plant has greenfly... what now?

Greenfly are small insects feeding of the plants juices. This causes concrescences or even the plant to stop growing at all. Garden centres sell special treatment, mostly on a biological basis. What might help is spraying the plant with a low dosage of spirit and green soap (do this in the evening). Another tip: a clove of garlic in the ground, they don’t seem to like that.

My plant has 'spint'... what now?

‘Spint’ are small spiders living mostly under the leaf. They’re hardly visible with the naked eye. First sign are the small webs that hold some drops when you spray your plant. Spint is hard to get rid of. It does hat cold water though… try spraying your plant with that twice a day (especially under the leaf) and hopefully it’s not too late.

Are plants harmful to my health?

No, but none of the Dolc’Amore plants and flowers are to eat. Some can be harmful when eating so take extra care with babies and kids around. For the rest plants have a very positive infuence on their environment. Some purify the air, reduce dust and improve the humidity in your home. Several studies have underlined the positive effect from plants on human (less stress, headache etc.).

Sommigen zuiveren de omgevingslucht, zorgen voor minder stof ontwikkeling in huis en verbeteren de luchtvochtigheid. Diverse studies hebben aangetoond dat planten een positieve invloed op de mens hebben (minder hoofdpijn, stress, etc.).