Why Dolc’Amore is different…

The flowering finishing touch, that’s what the Dolc’Amore selection stands for. Fabulous houseplants that make everything more beautiful and will bloom for weeks and weeks. So you’ll get your money’s worth and a happier home in one easy beat. That’s exactly what Dolc’Amore stands for: letting you enjoy flowers!


Sustainability is a topic with nearly everything we do and buy, including your Dolc’Amore plant. Therefore it’s good to know that all plants and flowers are grown in a sustainable and innovative way. Dolc’Amore is MPS-GAP and MPS-SQ certified underlining they eye for the environment in all procedures. It’s part of the core values of Dolc’Amore, your retailer doesn’t accept less and most important: you don’t have to.


Proud Partners

Before your Dolc’Amore plant shines in your home she’s already been on quite a journey. The plants are grown by different growers, the Proud Partners of Dolc’Amore. All these partners have at least two things in common: they’re craftsmen and they have an endless passion for their product. Every Proud Partner is screened so Dolc’Amore can guarantee quality and environmentally friendly production processes.


Dolc’Amore is for sale at a growing number of specialist points of sale. The unique Dolc’Amore display can be found at Tuincentrum Leurs Venlo, Groenrijk Middelburg, Dehner Koblenz, Dehner  Augsburg and Dehner Munich.

We’re currently developing the Dolc’Amore web shop which will be bursting with inspiring and flowering gift sets. Make sure to follow us on Facebook because next to nice tips that’s where you’ll be among the first to know when the web shop opens!