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Majestic Rosa

The beauty of the rose speaks for itself. Enjoy emerging buds for a long time. What an extravagance of colour.

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Noble Euphorbia

Euphorbia Pulcherrima – The secret lies in the colourful foliage, because that makes up the flowers. With a regal circle of green buds in the heart.

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Maxima Rosa

The awakening of the fabulous buds is heart-warming. The plant constantly looks different. Truly an example of nature’s beauty and magnificence.

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Precious Campanula

Campanula – With a long flowering time, this plant is always the centre of attention. Gratitude is expressed in fabulous flowering.

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Dream Gentiana

This sleeping beauty is a strong plant in intense velvet shades of blue. The flowers open when it gets light. So adventurous!

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